Welcome to yourlehighvalleyagent.com. If you are Buying, Selling, or Renting this site was built to add to your favorites. I have loaded it with essential information for any person who is thinking about moving needs to know. Visitors enjoy online security, easy to read content free ad pop ups and generic logins. Homesweethomelehighvalley.com allows consumers to…

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Buyer’s Process Outline

Initial Consultation 1. Determine your priorities and needs 2. Review Agency Options and determine our working relationship 3. Discuss financing options: Cash or Mortgage – If a mortgage is needed a. Contact Mortgage Company, and consult with a loan officer b. Request a Pre-qualification for Mortgage Finding the Right Home 1. I will show open a…

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Types of Mortages

Buyers and Sellers should have some general knowledge on various financing options. I have provided basic definitions, for more information and what types of mortgage will work for the sale or purchase of your home you will have to contact a lender. I can always recommend a reputable mortgage professional if you haven’t already chosen one….

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