Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Agency Contract?

    Agency contracts make it official that you and the Realtor have a working confidential relationship. I will look out for your best interest, advise you with my experience and negotiate on your behalf. *Without a Agency Agreement you are NOT a client, there is no working relationship* If you make an offer without An Agency Contract the Realtor is working for the SELLER even if they are not the LISTING AGENT* If you want an Agent to represent you sign an Agency (buyer or listing) Agreement* Contact Me I Can Help

  • I heard that you get a better deal if you go through the Listing Agent, is that True?

    I want this to be clear, the day you meet the Listing Agent they solely represent the SELLER. *The Commission and fees have already been defined in the Listing Contract* The Listing Agent can only represent the Seller and Buyer (Dual Agent) if both Seller and Buyer Agree*The buyer then would have to sign a Buyers Agency Agreement with the Listing Agent* If the Seller does NOT want their agent to be a dual agent, the Buyer has two options 1. Sign a Buyer Agency Agreement with another agent so the Buyer does have Representation during the buying process or 2. Submit an offer with NO representation. *Remember the Listing Contract already determines what the Seller's Fees are* Contact Me I can Help

  • How much money do I need to buy a home?

    This depends on the your preferred purchase price and type of mortgages you are eligible for and ultimately choose. Your selected mortgage will have a required percentage of purchase price aka Down Money, this needs to be verifiable funds. Closing cost also need to be considered, roughly 5-6% of the purchase price, and finally the cost of appraisal, inspections and insurance that you choose or that your Mortgage Lender Requires. Contact Me I Can Help

  • I had my home listed, it didn't sell, Why?

    I am sorry, that is frustrating. I would have to have an in depth conversation with you determine what the exact or combined reasons why your home did not sell, but I do know without a doubt that if you were listed with a Realtor the reason was NOT EXPOSURE. When we list a home it gets marketed on a GLOBAL level. So now my questions are 1. Was you home *Photo Ready* for the pictures? 2. How many clicks did your listing get? (your agent should have been keeping you informed) 3. How many showings and what was was feed back? Finally and the most IMPORTANT was your home Priced Right? Contact Me I Can Help

  • Do I really need a Realtor?

    A home sale or purchase is likely the most valuable item that you own or will own. I am always thrown by this question as OF COURSE I FEEL YOU NEED AN AGENT. Here is why. 1. I deal with many home sales a year, I know the process, I know of common issues BIG and SMALL and how to resolve them. 2. I know the market, I know what buyers are want to pay and I know what sellers think they can sell for, but I have the inside scoop on what the buyers are really paying and what sellers are really getting! 3. Buying and Selling a home is for most an EMOTIONAL experience. I am the one that helps you with those emotions, I am the buffer that stands between someone reading your mental and physical tells and gives you sound options and guidance. 4. Do you want to put yourself in a situation that your buyer or seller has a professional working for them and you are going into a transaction Blind? Call Me I Can Help

  • Cash buyer VS Mortgage Buyer which is better?

    That depends on the sales contract, cash is NOT always king. The only advantage with cash on face value is there is no mortgage company involved. To be honest a cash buyer can turn out to have just as many contingencies as a mortgage buyer, it really is about how the offers compare to each other over all.